python_apigen demo


class tensorstore_demo.Dim[source]

1-d index interval with optionally-implicit bounds and dimension label.

class tensorstore_demo.DimExpression[source]

Specifies an advanced indexing operation.

class tensorstore_demo.IndexDomain[source]

Domain (including bounds and optional dimension labels) of an N-dimensional index space.

class tensorstore_demo.DimensionSelection(DimExpression)[source]

This extends DimExpression.

Some other group Foo) Foo[source]

Returns x.

class tensorstore_demo.VeryLongClassNameForTestingOutWordWrapping[source]

This is a class with a very long name.

class tensorstore_demo.Foo[source]

This is a class defined in the tensorstore_demo._tensorstore module but should appear to be defined in the tensorstore_demo module.

class tensorstore_demo.FooSubclass(Foo)[source]

This is a subclass of Foo.

Last update: Sep 30, 2022