Automatic cross-linking to

This theme provides an optional sphinx_immaterial.apidoc.cpp.cppreference extension that provides automatic linking to C/C++ standard symbols documented at

To use this extension, simply add it to the list of extensions in

extensions = [
    # other extensions...
.. cpp:function:: template <typename T> \
                  std::enable_if_t<std::is_same_v<T, char> || \
                                   std::is_same_v<T, uint8_t>, \
                                   std::string> \
                  ConvertVectorToString(std::vector<T> x);

   Converts an :cpp:expr:`std::vector` to an :cpp:expr:`std::string`.
template <typename T>
::enable_if_t<std::is_same_v<T, char> ||
std::is_same_v<T, uint8_t>,
ConvertVectorToString(std::vector<T> x);

Converts an std::vector to an std::string.

cppreference_xml_files : list[tuple[str, str]] | None = None

Overrides the default list of XML data files to use. This allows an alternative (e.g. newer) version of the cppreference XML data files that are available at:

For example, if newer versions of the C and C++ XML files have been copied to the documentation root directory, they can be used with the following configuration:

cppreference_xml_files = [
    ("C", "index-functions-c.xml"),
    ("C++", "index-functions-cpp.xml"),

Last update: Sep 30, 2022